This is a birth place of lord Buddha close to border of India in the plain region of Nepal in Kapilbastu district where lord Buddha found god himself after his long lasting meditation in the ancient time.It is 30 munites to Bhairaba airport by airplane and 30 munites drive to Lumbini if you use Flight from Kathmandu and 10/11 hours away by private car/jeep/van/micro bus/hiace etc. It is a one of the four Buddhist pilgrimage sites based on major events in the life of Gautam


Here is ancient historical Ashoka piller and the inscriptions of this pillar shows anyway Buddha was born in Lumbini. Another attraction of this place is monastries, stupas, idols, monuments etc. This place has identified the glory of Nepal to the rest of the world. In this modern age, it is not pilgrimage site only for Nepali Buddhist, it has become a place of international Buddhist pilgrimage and international Buddhism center. Now-a-days, plenty of national and international pilgrims and tourists are visiting this important pilgrimage. You are also welcome to Lumbini please.