Bhaktapur is an Ancient City

Bhaktapur is an city where is Bhaktapur durbar square. It is 25 munites away the main tourist spot ‘Thamel’. It was found by King Ananda Dev in 12 th century when Nepal was divided into 24 and 82 small states in the east and west region according to History of Nepal. Really, it was different state and different kings had rulled over here by the end of the 18th century. In this city we find, ancient palaces, temples, monuments, statues, idols and houses which are built in ancient architectural design and very handsome setting artistic skill is still aliving in this important spot.

The temples, palaces, houses, monuments, idols and statues of Bhaktapur are displaying identy of Nepali ancient art, architecture, religion, culture and nationality. Now-a-days, every day thousands of tourists are visiting this significance place to observe the artistic and architectural skill of our ancient Nepal. You are also welcome to visit Bhaktapur Durbar square and experience on these things yourself and will fine exactly different please.